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ScientiaTech offer a discount for individuals and businesses that operate out of Pasadena, CA. We are a local company, and our aim is to support our local community. It’s fine if you do not live in Pasadena. We will still serve you.

Yes, we will definitely be able to help you with your current website, whether you want to revamp the design or change the content.

Creating a website can be as simple as a few clicks and a few lines of text. But to create a website that has value for you and your business, we try to create something that is feasible within the budget you have. In other words, the cost is relative to the effort and time that goes into the project. That said, we always try to create something that identifies you.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any ideas or questions you have, as a first step to create a great web experience for yourself or your business.

Social media integration is more than sticking a few Facebook ‘Like’ buttons on your website, or adding a ‘Follow us’ icon to gain followers on Twitter. Leveraging social media on your site is crucial to be able to promote your brand to a wide online audience. The buttons and icons are just the first step in creating a ‘buzz’, but the hardest part will be on you, to actively engage with your audience and followers. Because that’s what matters.

As a consulting company, we are able to integrate all the bells and whistles (social buttons and icons) on your website, but most importantly we will help you take your online popularity to new levels. We will explain to you the social media essentials. Let’s call it Social Media 101.

Yes. We offer flexible payment plans that extend up to one (1) year. Contact us to learn more about our payment plans.

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